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Elevation Athletics Youth Basketball

Elevation Athletics Basketball Academy aims to develop youth and future athletes through Junior Basketball Training, Development House League and REP programs in York Region. We expect EA Athletes to embody the values of leadership, perseverance and teamwork as they grow in our program.

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EA JR Basketball is a youth basketball program for children age 5+ that encourages fun, active and healthy learning environment. A great starter program for athletes to transition into any sports in the future!

EA Development House League runs through Sept to May each year. The program combines skill development, team building and games

EA REP teams (GR4-12) compete in Ontario Basketball League, York Region Basketball League, North Pole Hoops and Coalition League

Accelerate your development by working with some of the best skill trainers in the sport of basketball

EA features two types of camps: basketball and muti-sports development for youth. Camps are available for Summer/March Break/PA Days

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